Short Bangkok Trip


We just got back from Bangkok this morning, from a short trip to the Hungarian Embassy and back. Talked with the Embassador and got some papers for our upcoming marriage. (When that’s gonna happen exactly, we don’t know for sure yet, since we still have some more official stuff to sort out).

So this BKK trip was short and sweet: left Monday evening, got there Tuesday morning, did the stuff still in the morning, then killed some time on Siam Square until the afternoon when our Chiang Mai-bound train was ready to leave.

Big City Life? I don’t think so.

I don’t know about you, but for us, Bangkok feels the nicest when we’re on our way outDI mean, it’s okay to be there and do our stuff, and interesting happenings abound all the time, but there is something that makes us feel uneasy inside the Big Mango. So, like all other BKK trips before, this trip too just reaffirmed that big-city life is just not for us.

What about you, guys and gals? How do you feel about living in the Big City (I know some of you do… ) ). What influenced the choice you made when you picked your current living place? Are you happy there, or does your ideal living place lie elsewhere?

You might have noticed that our entries don’t have pics and are a bit on the short side now. That’s because our little time for online stuff is quite unpredictable, so from now on, we rather post short entries more frequently, and fill them in with pics later. I hope it’s okay with you. )

So, we gonna update this with some pics soon, and write about some interesting Hualampong experience. Until then, take care, all! )

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