Shaken Not Stirred

Are you a James Bond fan?  Do you remember the glory days of The Spy Who Loved Me?  How about Goldfinger?  Or, You Only Live Twice?  Perhaps you are a Diamonds Are Forever Fan?  Maybe you love the newer James Bond films such as Quantum of Solace or Skyfall?


Whether or not you’re a Sean Connery, Roger Moore, or Daniel Craig fan, you’ll love James Bond Island; La Moet can take you there.  When you are looking to try one of the most amazing Phang nga bay boat tour try a La Moet day tour and you’ll experience one of the, most beautiful islands in the world. 


You’ll also get to swim with millions of fish in the emerald green waters of the Andaman Sea.  Not to mention see almost a hundred different species of birds.  The breathtaking scenery thrust upon you when you take one of the best Phuket boat trips through Phang Nga Bay boat tour will simply amaze you.  You’ll remember this trip for a lifetime.


The tour is a full day from about 10 am to 5pm.  You’ll make a few stops to see the sights and have a lunch break for about an hour to recharge your batteries after swimming in the beautiful sea.  And don’t worry, if you’re not so big on swimming in the sea, you can lounge on the sun deck and breathe in the freshest air you can imagine


If privacy is something you are looking for never fear, La Moet offers private Phuket boat trips.  You can book your own private boat for your friends and family to enjoy without interruption.  Do it in style just like a Superstar.  Sometimes the crowds be a bit much and booking a private boat is a great remedy for that.


Remember to bring your camera to snap photos of the gorgeous limestone cliffs that surround the island as well as the vibrant colors of the fish and birds.  The scenes in the film The Man with the Golden Gun were so beautiful people have flocked to this island ever since, and for good reason.


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