Tips For Finding The Best Hair Transplant Thailand Surgeon

Often, the best way to find a good hair transplant surgeon is through a referral from another patient or from a general practitioner. However, that may not always work because you either do not have a friend that has had the surgery and also because you want to see a doctor out of your country. How then can you choose a good surgeon? These tips from Thai wonders will help you choose the best surgeon.

Education background

The first thing you need to check is the educational qualification of the doctor you are interested in. Check the doctor’s specialty. Just because he is a dermatologist or plastic surgeon doesn’t make him the best doctor. Hair transplant requires further training and mentorship programs.  Ensure you ask the doctor about such trainings. Has the doctor contributed to any research in hair restoration? Does he have published medical papers? This will help you understand whether he is consistently improving his skills.


It’s essential to ensure that your doctor has the necessary experience to help you achieve your desired results. The best doctor is one who has several years of successful surgeries and one who is in touch with the current hair restoration procedures.

Procedure they will use to perform your hair transplant

Choose a versatile doctor. A doctor who is comfortable performing different procedures is your best bet. This will allow them to be flexible and pick the ideal choice for your hair restoration. Do not be afraid to ask the surgeon questions just to be sure he is knowledgeable about the technique.

Previous results

Request the surgeon to share with you before and after photos of previous clients who had the technique you are interested in. Check online for reviews from previous patients. You can also request to visit the office and talk to previous patients coming for review after surgery. This is your best chance to see the results in person.


Hair transplant is a considerable investment. It’s important to have realistic expectations of the outcome of the surgery. Investing time and energy to research will help you find the right hair transplant surgeon in Thailand that will meet your needs.

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