5 Reasons Why a Boarding School in Thailand is Better than a Day School

Letting your child leave the nest early and enroll in a boarding school in Thailand is certainly not a simple decision to make for parents. Many parents still prefer enrolling them into the nearest school so they can come back home as soon as possible after a day of learning. But is this a wise decision for your child’s future?

Wouldn’t you want them to get the best education possible so they can compete for making their place in our world? Boarding schools gain an edge over day schools in enabling kids to grow into more confident, responsible, and success-driven individuals.

Despite all the misconceptions you might have heard, here are 5 reasons why a boarding school in Thailand is better than a day school:

  1. Discipline and Punctuality
    The biggest benefit of enrolling your child in a boarding school in Thailand is the natural development of punctuality and discipline. At boarding schools, students must follow and maintain a designed schedule following which they wake up, study, eat, and sleep. These rules, when followed diligently in the school and the hostels, groom students into more responsible and dependable individuals.
  2. Sports and Extracurricular Activities
    While there’s nothing wrong with the sports facilities in day schools, students in boarding schools have more time to engage in extracurricular activities since they don’t have to commute to school.
  3. Independence
    This is the main reason parents are sending their kids to a boarding school in Thailand so they learn to take care of themselves from a young age. As they form a habit of doing things themselves such as basic chores, they become more self-reliant.
  4. Fewer Distractions
    Boarding schools keep children focused on their education by keeping them engrossed in academics and personal development without distractions.
  5. Exciting Summer Programs
    The leading boarding schools in Thailand offer exciting summer programs that allow students to expand their boundaries of knowledge as they go to top international educational institutes, interact with students from other backgrounds, and learn new perspectives.
    Sending your kid to a boarding school in Thailand is a smart decision. Things have changed in the last few decades with modern educational technology and practices. So, they can provide you with not only an excellent learning environment but also a second home. Please visit The American School of Bangkok(ASB).

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