About Us

Thaiwonders is our online home, where guests are welcome to stay and have fun. Like a real home, our website has several different functions. Our primary purpose is to show Thailand through the eyes and experiences of a young Thai-Farang couple – us.

The website

Thaiwonders is by no means a comprehensive guide to the Land of Smiles. We selected only a few aspects of Thai culture; things that are fundamental to what Thailand is now. Our aim is to show you and tell you about these key aspects in greater detail than any other English-language website before.

We don't want to reinvent the wheel, and thus we assume that you have a basic knowledge about Thailand . Rather than repeating this basic knowledge, we want to expand on it in a few selected cultural aspects that we feel are essential to the Thai identity.

The people

Your host here at Thaiwonders is a young Thai-Farang couple, Cherry and SiamJai. We do research at Chiang Mai University, both working in the same laboratory. Besides science, our other mutual interests include playing piano, bike riding, hiking in the mountains of the North, drawing pictures, singing Thai and English songs, traveling in Thailand and abroad, and reading a wide variety of books.


Cherry is a Ph.D student at Chiang Mai University. Her main goal now is to get her degree, and after that, to get a good job. Juggling five research projects, preparing for her overseas trip and caring for her parents keep her very busy – but no matter how busy she gets, somehow she always manages to have time for her boyfriend too, who appreciates this very much. 😉


SiamJai is a researcher at Chiang Mai University. He left his European country of birth in 1999 in search of a new home. He began his journey in the United States, studying at various universities. One year after graduation, he crossed the ocean and started anew in Thailand. There he is conducting medical research, while also studying the language and the Thai way of life.

Our blog: Life Wonders

On this website we show you the wonders of Thailand, but we would like to go beyond that and share with you some of the wonders of our lives, in a blog we call LifeWonders.

Don't think of mythical mircales – sometimes the most precious wonders of life lay right in front of us. Like our relationship; just imagine the things that had to happen for a boy from an obscure European country and a girl from a distant Asian country to meet and form a perfect, harmonious match! For us, it is one of the greatest wonders of life, and we decided to blog about it.

We hope that by showing you the wonders in our lives, we'll help you discover the ones in yours.