Art Gallery

Our Art Gallery is divided to two main sections. Siam Room houses classic and contemporary Thai artwork, including temple murals, ancient scrolls, cartoons, carvings and sculpture.

The Studio is where real-life artists let you peek behind the scenes of Thai art creation. You can also try the featured art techniques at home, following our easy, step-by-step art tutorials

The Siam Room

Traditional Thai art is not difficult to come by on the Internet nowadays. Finding qualitytraditional art is more of a challenge however. Why is that? Mainly because many smaller sites, lacking the time and resources, just copy each others' pictures. Meanwhile, the large sites that feature their own photographs usually churn out Thai art pics by the hundreds, paying little attention to quality, detail and presentation of each art piece.

Siam Room is an attempt to solve this problem. We are a small site featuring the author's very own pictures and photos of Thai art. Each featured piece has been painstakingly formatted to be shown in its optimal form. Each piece is throughly examined and explained; its history and mythological role are presented in a clear, easy-to-follow description.

We also cross-refernce our art pieces with other appropriate sections of Thaiwonders, so you can easily find out more about your subject of interest.

The Studio

Real-life artists show their skill in creating beautiful Siamese artwork, including soap- fruit- and vegetable carvings, woodcarvings, umbrella paintings and other forms of Thai art. With our tricks and tips, and with some basic skill, your creations can be as good as the originals!

Cherry's UK Gallery

Would you like to know what are an intelligent Thai woman's impressions on the UK? My girlfriend Cherry, a PhD student, is living and working in London. She shares her pictorial impressions in this gallery, so you can take a look at British culture through the eyes of the East.

Thaiwonders Photo Gallery

A superb collection of our pictures.