Free Stuff

At Freestuff, you will find all sorts of useful little trinkets related to Thailand in some way. We made these to share our appreciation with Thailand-enthusiasts from all over the world. If you are one of us, feel free to take anything you like here. All we are asking is that you do the same – share them the way you found them here, for free. Thanks for looking!

Thailand Desktop Accessories

Are you bored of the same generic look every time you turn your PC on? Give your computer a Thai look and feel! No, we are not talking about changing your wallpaper to some cheesy tourist-temple pic.

Using our accessories, you can have your PC truly reflect your passion for Thailand. Make everything Thai; your bootscreen, login screen, mouse cursor, desktop, icons, start menu… everything you can think of, all the way to the logout screen!

This is an on-going project. Currently a Thai-styled system clock is available to the public. Details inside.

Thai-themed website elements, buttons, decorations

If you have Thailand-related websites/blogs, you may find these elements useful. Use our thai-themed buttons, banners, navigation panels and other graphic elements to make your visitors feel in the Land of Smiles when they visit your site!

A special service: We turn your website buttons to Thai. We also design customized logos and personalized banners to reflect your unique style. Please contact us via email and we can arrange further details.

E-Cards, Thai-style

Are you sick of those silly-looking, flashy commercial e-cards? Is it always a pain to find appropriate cards for your Thai family, friends, co-workers or boss? Welcome to the club! In this upcoming section, we will make the process easier for you. We have designed cards with good taste, and made them suitable for a wide variety of Thai occasions. Don't waste your time over there just to find one that's so-so; check us out, and you'll quickly find the right one!